Miraculewater (Under) The Counter Model
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PLEASE ALLOW 1-3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY DEPENDING ON HOW BUSY WE ARE!!Miraculewater systems have a unique design to keep the beneficial minerals and elements in tact but remove the harmful contaminents.  


The Miraculewater under the Counter model comes with attachments to allow you to hook the system up Under a sink or below however you might want it hooked up.  It comes with a spicket that comes up through the top of the sink, a black waste water line and clamp, and a line to hook into your cold water line fitting.  


We use organic, non-toxic, prill beads to rebalance the pH of the water after Reverse Osmosis filtration process. Our filters are all NSF Certified to ensure your getting top quality filtration. 

Click below link to read about how important magnesium is for your health. National Institudes of Health


We use a 50 gallon Modern Reverse Osmosis membrane that reduces TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Typical Reverse Osmosis systems remove much needed minerals while cleaning water, our system cleans the water but then re-mineralizes your drinking water.

Note:  You will need to have at least 70 psi water pressure at your incoming source water for the Miracule system to work properly otherwise you will need an aquatech booster pump. * System comes with a lead free long range spicket to be able to fill large containers and a 3 gallon tank .  ALL 5 FILTERS are included in the system when arrived.  You won't need to worry about changing out the filters for approximately 6-12 months.  It always depends on how much volume of water is used, how dirty your water is to begin with.  You will notice pressure or taste changes normally that is when you know it is time to change out the filters. 


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Miraculewater (Under) The Counter Model

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